Leucorrhinia caudalis – Lummelampikorento – sierlijke witsnuitlibel


Adults can be seen in several small lakes such as Iso-Mäkijärvi, Päälampi and Heinalampi, but not every year.


In general males rest on leaves of Ulpukka (Nuphar lutea). So far, I did not observe any females. Larvae overwinter twice.


They typically raise their abdomen. Larval exuviae have been found in Mustinlampi and Iso Mäkijarvi.


Contrary to L. albifrons, L. caudalis has white pterostigmata (seen from above), and more light-blue colouring of the clearly claviform abdomen.


Seen from below (ventral), the pterostigmata are black. Also, the white spots on the lip are missing.

Sites with excuvia of L. caudalis