02: Details selected species

Observations of Ritariperhonen, Keisarinviita, Suruvaippa, Haapaperhonen. These species were monitored quantitatively per day. The graphs show total observations by year (panels at the left) and their occurrence during the season (panels at the right).

Figure 1. Most observations of Ritariperhonen refer to caterpillers. Adults are only rarely observed.
Figure 2. The species is observed most often at the end of July.

Figure 3. Keisarinvitta was observed only since 2011. Numbers boosted since 2016. It was absent in 2017.
The species peaks half way July. Probably many observations refer to the same individuals that will be present on successive days.

Figure 5. Suruvaippa is not seen every year, but when present, it can be numerous.
Figure 6. First individuals are in general observed in the first week of August, but in recent years the species seems to occur also earlier in summer.

Figure 7. Haapaperhonen is not spotted every year. It is often observed on gravel roads.
Figure 8. Haapaperhonen is mainly seen in the beginning of July.