Heinälampi is a small lake of about 5 ha and a maximum detph of 6 m. The banks are floating bogs with a relatively high vegetation of grasses, sedges and purple marshlocks (C. palustris) and almost no moss cover.

There are no mökki’s, but the lake is often visited by fishermen. I observed imago’s of 9 species of dragonflies, but only of four of these I found excuviae.

South-west of Heinälampi is a drained peat bog (9 ha) which is colonized by slow growing pine trees.

Dragonfly observations Heinälampi
 SpeciesFinnish nameAdultExuviae
1A. juncea++
2C. aenae++
3S. metallica++
4L. quadrimaculata++
5L. caudalis+-
6L. albifrons+-
7L. dubia+-
8L. rubicunda+-
9S. danae+-
10C. virgo+-