Leucorrhinia caudalis – Lummelampikorento – sierlijke witsnuitlibel


Adults can be seen in several small lakes such as Iso-Mäkijärvi, Pieni-MäkijärviPäälampi and Heinälampi, but not every year.


In general males rest on leaves of Ulpukka (Nuphar lutea). So far, I did not observe any females. Larvae overwinter twice.


They typically raise their abdomen. Larval excuvia have been found in Mustinlampi, Iso-Mäkijarvi, and Iso-Raateinen. There is quite a mismatch between adult and exuvia observations : they only overlap for Iso-Mäkijarvi.

The white pterostigmata are clearly visible.

The abdomen is clearly claviform.


Contrary to L. albifrons, L. caudalis has white pterostigmata (seen from above), and more light-blue colouring of the clearly claviform abdomen.


Seen from below (ventral), the pterostigmata are black. Also, the white spots on the lip are missing.