In 2019, I started measuring the metabolic activity of butterfly species. I was able to determine the CO2 respiration rate and body mass of 13 different butterfly species and three other insect species (see the figure 1 and table 1). Due to the COVID19 pandemic I was not able to continue this research in 2020. 

The measurements were collected with a Vernier Go Direct CO2 gas sensor and a digital scale (1.0 mg). During measurement, the butterflies were placed in a polyethylene bottle in the dark at room temperature. 

Figure 1. CO2 respiration of butterflies (blue symbols) and other insects (red symbols) per body mass
Tabel 1. Metabolic activity and body mass of a selection of butterfly species (n=13; 19 individuals) and other insect species (n=3) measured in 2019. 
The metabolic activity of Argynnis paphia was the highest of all investigated species, and was also high relative to its body mass.