Liesjärvi is one of the largest (61 ha) and deepest (18.5m) lakes in the area.

There are several mökki’s (13) and a few old farms (3) along the shores of the lake.

The small north-western part of the lake is separated from the largerer main lake.

… and surrounded by sedges.

This north-western lake is shallow

On the many floating leaves you can sometimes observe L. albifrons.

To my surprise, I found one excuvia of C. boltonii in the floating marshland vegetation that separates the large lake from the smaller north-western part.

Dragonfly observations Liesjärvi
 SpeciesFinnish nameAdultExuviae
1A. grandis++
2A. juncea++
3C. boltonii-+
4C. aenae++
5S. metallica++
6E. bimaculata++
7L. quadrimaculata++
8L. albifrons++
9L. caudalis-+
10C. virgo+-