Liesjoki connects Liesjärvi with Kalavesi. The river banks are very inaccessible.

It crosses dense forest, but also some extensively managed hay pastures.

Sandy sediments, and steep river banks.

the current is not strong everywere

At places where the sediment is sandy you can find excuviae of the typical river species.

So far, Liesjoki it the only place where I found excuviae of O. forcipatus, C. boltonii, and O. cecilia. Free-flying adults of the latter two species can be observed also on the sandy gravel roads throughout the area. Of course, also C. virgo is present.

Dragonfly observations Liesjoki
 SpeciesFinnish nameAdultExuviae
1O. forcipatus++
2C. boltonii++
3O. cecilia++
4S. flavomaculata+-
5C. virgo++