Year Report 2018

In July it was very warm, also in Finland. The temperature of lake Liesjärvi reached 28 degrees Celsius!


  • This year, I visited seven additional nearby lakes to collect dragonfly exuvia.
  • So far, exuvia have been collected in 25 lakes and rivers.
  • In only two of these locations I wasn’t able to find any excuvia.
  • I found one larval exuvia and one adult of the species Pohjanukonkorento (Aeshna caerulea), which is new to the area.


  • Last year I did not observe any  Keisarinvitta (A. paphia). This year they were ‘back’ again with almost 30 observations.
  • Another butterfly need to be mentioned: for the first time I observed Argynnis adippe forma cleodoxa which is a subspecies of Ketohopeatäpla (Argynnis adippe). During the last 15 years I have observed many A. adippe, but this was the first sighting of an A. adippe forma cleodoxa.