Year Report 2019

In 2019, I visited Liesjärvi in spring and summertime. I observed a total of 38 butterfly species of which 33 were seen in summer. This is the highest number of species during one summer since I started my observations in 2003, i.e. 16 years ago. 

    • The butterfly species Aricia artaxerxes (Lehtosinisiipi) and Perarge aegeria (Täpläpapurikko) were found for the first time.
    • It appeared to be a very good year for the dragonfly species Sympetrum albifrons and S. caudalis. I found 34 and 28 excuvia, respectively, and many adult males were present in several lakes.
    • For the first time I found an excuvia of dragonfly species Sympetrum danae.