Year report 2022

During the summer of 2022 we visited the summer cottage from 8-30 July. The most remarkable observations were: 

  • Butterflies:
    • In contrast to the year 2021 with its exceptual high numbers of Suruvaippa (Nymphalis antiopa; 105 observations!), we did not observe any suruvaippa in July (0 observations). 
      Kirjoverkkoperhonen (Euphydryas maturna) was present this summer. Previously, I have only seen the species in 2004, 2007, and 2015. 
    • This year, I started catching and identifying moths. Hopefully I will find some time to publish the results on my website this winter. 
  • Dragonflies:
    • First sightings of the dragonfly species Kirjoverkkoperhonen (Libellula depressa; an adult male and female).
    • To collect exuviae, I visited 9 ‘new’ lakes and rivers of which some were located close to Hirvilahti. In Koirakoski I observed for the first time Immenkorento (Calopteryx splendens; adult male).
    • This summer, I collected 260 exuviae in 14 different lakes. The total number of collected and identified exuviae since 2016 is 1599 representing 18 species.